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    Post  Xin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:22 am

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    Swing is a kind of game utensils. Swinging is a sport that the player swings back and forth with a tread plate hung on a frame by long ropes.

    The origin of swing can be traced back to some 100,000 years ago. Climbing trees or crossing streams is the most primitive embryonic form of swinging. Later in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC to 476 years ago), the swing consisting of a tread plated hung on the frame by ropes was introduced into the Central Plains area. Since the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), swinging had gradually became a folk activity performed at the Tomb Sweeping Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals until present day. Swinging can be categorized into the single swing, double swing, standing swing and sitting swing. Each village has its own master swinging player and sometimes competitions are held. The one swinging highest with the most beautiful movements will receive praise from neighbors. Swinging days are often good opportunities for young men and women to encounter and interact. Swing, as the folk traditional sport with a history of several thousand years still maintains its vitality nowadays.

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