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    National Flag and its history


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    National Flag and its history

    Post  Xin on Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:25 pm

    The Flag Of Kingdom Of South Korea (대한민국)

    *Created by Park Yeong-Hyo in 1882
    *The National Flag of South Korea is known as Taegukki,the meaning of which has originated from the old oriental philosophy called the theory of Um-Yang, pronounced as Yin-Yang in Chinese(the circle in the center)
    * The circle is divided equally and in perfect balance,The red upper section represents the yang and the blue lower section stands for the yin.
    *The taeguk circle stands for the eternal principle that everything in the universe is created and develops through the interaction between yin and yang; thus it symbolizes creation and development
    *The four trigrams surrounding the circle denote the process of yin and yang going through a spiral of change and growth.
    - The three unbroken lines at the upper left represent heaven (kun)
    - The three broken lines at the lower right represent earth (kon)
    - The two broken lines with an unbroken line in the middle at the upper right represent water (kam)
    -And the two unbroken lines with an broken line in the middle at the lower left represent fire (yi)
    *The white background of the flag symbolizes the purity of the Korean people and their peace-loving spirit.
    *The flag as a whole is symbolic of the ideal of the Korean people to develop forever together with the universe.

    Name In Korean: Geon(건/乾)
    Nature: Sky (천/天)
    Season: Spring (춘/春)
    Cardinal Direction: East (동/東)
    Four Virtues: Humanity (인/仁)
    Family: Father (부/父)
    Four Elements: Heaven (금/金)
    Meaning: Justice (정의)

    Name In Korean: Ri (리/離)
    Season: Sun (일/日)
    Season: Autumn (추/秋)
    Cardinal Direction: South (남/南)
    Four Virtues: Courtesy (예/禮)
    Family: Son (중남/子)
    Four Elements: Fire (화/火)
    Meaning: Wisdom (지혜)

    Name In Korean: Gam (감/坎)
    Nature: Moon (월/月)
    Season: Winter (동/冬)
    Cardinal Direction: North (북/北)
    Four Virtues: Knowledge (지/智)
    Family: Daughter (중녀/女)
    Four Elements: Water (수/水)
    Meaning: Vitality (생명력)

    Name In Korean: Gon (곤/坤)
    Nature: Earth (지/地)
    Season: Summer (하/夏)
    Cardinal Direction: West (서/西)
    Four Virtues: Righteousness (의/義)
    Family: Mother (모/母)
    Four Elements: Earth (토/土)
    Meaning: Fertility (풍요)

    Imaged By Antonio Martins-Tuvalkin,24 September 2003

    Korea, 1893 Images By Antonio Martins

    Royal Korean Consulate in Hamburg 1893, Images By Antonio Martins

    Pre-1905, Imaged By Antonio Martins

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